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Code & Coffee Meetup - Whatcha working on?


So the new trend for code and coffee meetup is to go back to the hang out and work type thing. I’m still trying to adjust my schedule to attend more of them, but I got to thinking. Maybe we can plan a bit ahead of time.

What are you working on? What do you have interest in?
I’m a generalist by nature. I know things (I have done 3 talks at C&C, and so want to do more mini ones), and I know people. If its not something I help with, I probably know someone who might be able, or at least can help listen while you rubber duck some problems.


One of my someday/maybe plans is to make a thing with p5 or d3.js

Maybe it’d be good for a meetup setting like this.


I just went through another run of “make a full list of everything I want to learn and prioritize”. The full list is too long to share, because everything is interesting - so my current top 3 are:

  • Haskell & functional programming in general - I’m going to the Haskell meetup on Mondays, following the “Haskell from first principles” book and doing a ton of notes/scribblings

  • security - I want to learn more how to break into things and protect them, I’m starting with Cryptopals and will go from there

  • prototyping languages - I started a course on prototyping programming languages some time ago, then set it aside for a while, now decided it was more fun than most of the other stuff I’ve been up to, so I’m getting back to it

I’m mostly interested in introducing more regularity to my day-to-day, since the funemployment is not encouraging it. So, in general, having a regular thing to look forward to, like the Haskell meetups?


I realized I never mentioned what I might be interested working on.

I have 2 things I’d like to spend more time at but so far havn’t really figured out a project to work on it with.

  1. is polymer. I love the idea of web components and shadow dom and all that stuff. I just don’t do many new web based personal projects lately.
  2. Pretty much anything design-ie. I’ve attended one of the local UI/UX meetups and learned a little bit about figma, but its all so foreign to me so i’d love to work with someone on that. My personal website is pretty much just bootstrap based.

D3 is one of those things I always tell myself I should spend time with, but never actually do. I find the syntax kind of confusing. If you come up with a project i’d probably be up for poking around with it too.


I’d enjoy playing around with Polymer. I can see it becoming a project I could use to build a quiz simple game I wanted to build :slight_smile:

I like how Cryptopals has a step by step structure to work through. It’d take more than one day, so it’d be a regular thing to look forward to at each Code & Coffee!


I always wanted to work on a project that the rio theater could put up on the big screen before/after a show. Like how the movie theater does those trivia games + cell phones.


That’d be cool! I’d actually enjoy something if it were less commercial.


  • a multiplayer pacman, or
  • an adaptation of battlesnake, or
  • a quiz thing


Heh, I’ve had the same ideas many many times. It would be a lot of fun to do, and pretty scaleable. Maybe even something like pong or breakout but you can either be a paddle or ball or something that can scale to 100 people.

For sure. Maybe client side only like with firebase? I’ve never had an excuse to use it.

  • Event Tweet storm tool.
    Shows all the tweets for the events hashtag, and people can upvote/downvote their favs


That could make it easier for people to use twitter, even if they’re not on it. Twitter is great for events but not everyone wants to sign up eh.