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Deciding on dates for NodeSchool several months ahead


I think there would be value in having some dates decided more than a month ahead of time.

The reasons I think so are:

  • When potential hosts ask about hosting (as several have done recently) they ask for a date on when the next one is. They can then decide if it works for them or not
  • Having a date allows less uncertainty for both the venue sponsor and the organizers’ personal schedule
  • If closer to the date, it becomes necessary to change it, that can always be done!

The dates we decide on can go as events onto They won’t be announced (see Meetup docs for what this word means in the context of, but they will be publicly viewable.


While we consider doing this, I’d like to propose the following dates for the next 6 months:

  • May 19th Saturday
  • Jun 16th Saturday
  • Jul 21st Saturday
  • Aug 18th Saturday
  • Sep 15th Saturday
  • Oct 20th Saturday

Yeah, they’re all Saturday. I’d like to link back to an earlier discussion about days of the week…but it was on Slack :woman_shrugging:t4:. If you’d like to reopen that discussion, start a thread!

Update: Apparently I can’t count and only listed 5 months initially :roll_eyes:. Oct added.


I like the consistency for getting people to show up too. Earlier to land funding too.

May 19th is my preference because the previous one is mothers day. Calendar looks free for the rest.

So +1 from me


+1 from me also. I think having dates set in meetup might also help a bit to light a fire under my butt to get on top of the venue situation. :sweat_smile:


We have a few venues to consider, the Conf really got the ball rolling! :slight_smile:

I could get around to making a topic for venue discussion tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Venues planning at Planning venues