Vancouver Tech Community

Let the show begin!


Hey there! :wave:

The Vancouver Tech Community has been chatting on Slack for a couple of years now. While Slack is great to hang out with our peers, I believe that a forum will favor better, slower, deeper conversations. It will also be a good place to announce events, post job offers, etc.

I’ll slowly invite people from the community over the next few days to seed conversations and narrow categories down before announcing its existence on public channels.

Oh, and special thanks to Kickstarter for sponsoring this Discourse forum.



Thanks for setting this up! I’m looking forward to contribute to the conversations that this type of medium will encourage.


:wave: Thanks to you (and Kickstarter!) for getting this up!


Thanks to the local friendly staff and Kickstarter for getting this going. +1 on the hope that the forum mechanism forces a slower pace of conversation in the interest of depth and quality. Slack/chat has a place but I’m really excited about the potential this forum has.


This is a great idea. Thanks for the invite, I look forward to participating.


Yes! Really loving this idea! Thank you for the invite and really looking forward to all the conversations! Thanks for setting this up :+1:


:wave: Good morning!

I’ve been slowly inviting people to join the forum to help me seed some conversations over the past few months… so things have been going… slowly!

Now, this forum has just moved from to as it better represents the community that we’d like to see here: a tech community that encompasses design, and product, and people management and … all the things! Long live!

Noah Bloom and I recently revamped to be a publicly curated list for connecting with the Vancouver tech community. It’s open source, feel free to make it better!

I have a couple of subjects I’d like to discuss on the back burner, so I’ll seed some more conversations today and announce the existence of this forum publicly.


Have a wonderful week y’all! :green_heart: