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Mentorship! How did you get it? Do you want it? What would you want out of mentorship?


Thank you for sharing this @keywordnew.

It was great to have two junior developers joining us for this discussion at Both of them seems to be seeking for career advices more than technical mentorship as they are overwhelmed by all the options that they’re facing:

Should I dig deeper into web development?
Should I learn about data analysis?
This ELM things looks cool. Do I have to learn that as well?
Or should I do more back-end? DevOps?

They mentioned that once they know what to learn, it’s easy to find resources to learn.

So they need help to figure where they want to go (a compass) more than ongoing mentorship to help them make progress. I believe that the best strategy at this point is to get insights from many experienced people. This can be through ad-hoc chats over coffee, discussions on online forums (this one!), etc.

My main take away there is that there is 2 x 2 kinds of mentorship.

  1. career mentorship - defining a “compass”, knowing where to go. That’s likely to be answered by running ad-hoc interview of experienced people.
  2. technical mentorship - moving forward faster. Having an ongoing mentor / mentee relationship is likely to be best there.

Personal note: As a potential mentor, being able to help others without having to commit to a long-term / ongoing relationship is fantastic. :slight_smile:


One of the todos from the workshop was to set up a space for people to find mentorship. I’ve created a new category to provide this space right here in this community.

Also added the 2 types of mentorship mentioned by @pcreux earlier, to help people choose what they are looking for.

Do visit the category and feel free to make changes. Y’all own this! :seedling: