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Planning venues


NodeSchool could try making the scheduling publicly available and editable on Github. If anyone wants to host, they could open a PR or we could do it for them.


Chris Rodgers from Elysian has offered their space.

As has Nina Louw (pending confirmation) for Fresh Prep.


Darvin can get space at telus garden

Rose and Elgin mentioned red academy


I’ve reached out to my contact at Clio, we will see if they are interested at all.


Awesome. Would be great to have them on board. They do community well.


So manil and I had a bit of a conversation offline. If anyone wants help reaching out to their own company or other companies they know of, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll share the emails i’ve already sent out. I’m just not comfortable actually posting the actual email at this time.

(Though in the future we may want to)


Reached out to Chris at Elysian and Daruvin at Telus, listing our proposed dates for the next 5 months. (Thanks for helping with the emails Gavin :100:)

Will update on this thread when I hear back.

Deciding on dates for NodeSchool several months ahead

Worst case we could always do it in my ammenties room out in Burnaby. I’m really liking having the dates set. Easier to plan out my personal may schedule.


Same here. And I imagine NodeSchoolers will appreciate consistency too.


Hi, I just wrote to RED Academy with the list of proposed dates. Will update when I hear back.


Thanks for looking into booking your building’s space!

Pasting deets from slack here:

  • 6 hour slot, including setup and cleanup.
  • Free for council member, $200 deposit
  • Chairs for about 30 people, but we can get folding chairs for more


Devil’s elbow has space. I don’t know the rates but they have a back space.


I reached out to IT glue too


They’re downtown and they open at 11:30am, so not much change from the usual, aside from pushing the start time back by a half hour.


Daruvin has already pinged the people at Telus! :tada::tada::tada:

Following up with Elysian, as I haven’t received a response yet.


They being? Oh I need 20 characters to post a reply.


I’m sorry for being ambiguous! I should really not reply so close to bedtime :sweat_smile:

“They” here was meant to be “Devil’s Elbow”.


Gavin Mogan [11:24 AM]
@manil how much is the smaller library room?

Manil Chowdhury [12:20 PM]
The 20 and 44 seat rooms are unavailable, I believe cos of construction
The smallest is 60 seats and it costs 220 for 4 hours.

So since sunday is the 2 week mark, I would really like the event setup and announced on meetup so we can start advertising it. my votes are:

  • Gavin sponsor this month event (or we can split it)
  • Devils elbow back room
  • Library
  • Gavin’s Amenities room
  • Waves

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I’m pinging some of my contacts again, but I vote we go with above if we havn’t heard anything back by sunday/monday (preferably saturday/sunday)


Draft meetup event is here. Just needs to be announced when the details are in :tada::tada:


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