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Planning venues


Likely permissions :thinking: I don’t have the access to elevate permissions on meetup though :confused:


Oh just realized my building won’t have wifi


Daruvin has a teacher contact at BCIT. He’s going to reach out.

I’m going to call sfu events tomorrow and see about pricing.

Might even be worth seeing what roundhouse could do


Heard back from Chris at Elysian. Waiting for a confirmation from Shanna of there not being a conflict.

If it works out, they’d like to host the 19th at their Ontario and 7th location.


I wish I could heart that multiple times.


Me too. We were planning to book your amenities room by Tuesday, so I let them know on Friday that it would be great to hear back by Monday.


Tyler at Clio reached out and we’ve exchanged info about the next sessions. Let’s see if our dates work for them. Thanks @tylersuzukinelson! :tada::tada::tada:


Ha. That’s kinda funny. None of my attempts at Clio have gotten anywhere. That’s awesome


Possible someone you pinged pinged Tyler. I didn’t initiate that conversation :slight_smile:


@keywordnew and I were talking on the nodeschool channel of Vancouver Dev, so I’ll put this here:
If you book as a non-profit, the library meeting rooms are free. I don’t know availability or process, but it sounds like you can use code and coffee to book as a non-profit?


Code and Coffee has been registered as a society. I’ll need to have a chat about it, but I do believe we can :slight_smile:


print and fill out an application form and submit it in person at the Mount Pleasant branch

I’m out of town, and can put one in on Friday. But that’s past their two week deadline. Today is past their deadline :joy:


Update with NodeSchool <> Elysian

Elysian is happy to host us on Saturdays! :tada::tada: But we’d have to move our sessions. There’s a timing conflict because their store closes at 4pm, and the closers are usually gone by about 4:30pm.

I propose we explicitly end at 4pm. 3:30 if that’s easier for them. People begin leaving around 4 hours in so I don’t see it being a barrier. Correspondingly we can start at 10am. Or just leave it at 11am. I would not start before 10am.

This is just my perspective. I’d love to hear what everyone (mentors, participants, organizers) thinks :tipping_hand_woman:t4:


I’m happy with Saturday.

I think 11 at earliest but I rather do 12-4 or something. We can start closing at 3:30 and hard stop at 4.

Shorter and more regular is good too.


Shorter and more regular is good too.

Whatever contributes to making it easier (be it shorter lengths, better locations, better times etc) for attendees, mentors, organizers to be more regular, I’m all for it! :100:


Okay, last event went pretty well, but the table was pretty small, and we were initially not going to have wifi. Some concerns for sure.

I’m going to ask Sauce Labs (my work) to see if we can section off part of the office and host. We’ll have lots of power and wifi, but we’ll lose the access to coffee and snacks.