Vancouver Tech Community

Shutting down


Good morning everyone,

Discussions on this forum did not take off the way I was hoping they would. It might be by a lack of communication, network or there might just not be a need for it.

We are closing down this forum in the next few weeks then unless someone wants to take it over.

Meetup groups and various slack channels listed on are still there to get in e-touch with the tech folks.

Have a great weekend!


Thank you @pcreux, for starting and championing this initiative. Iā€™m so very grateful to have in our community people like you who see a need, are willing to take a chance on an idea, and run with it. Thank you for putting time, effort, and care into nurturing the tech community. :raised_hands:t4:

You rock, Philippe! :guitar:


Also, if this forum shuts down, the conversation about it can continue on this Github thread.