Vancouver Tech Community

What do you need out of the Vancouver Tech Community?


I’m going to presuppose that being connected with other people in the local tech community is necessary and good for everyone. Also I’m going to presuppose that where things usually start to go wrong is that we struggle with what form that connection takes. Either we don’t connect at all, or when we do connect it somehow doesn’t meet the burning needs that we have and we come away from it somehow unfulfilled. So let’s just pose the question out of the gate shall we?

What do you need to get from your local tech community?

If you come across this post, please don’t navigate away without taking a few seconds to post something. I’m willing to bet an answer already floated across your consciousness. Just post whatever that was quick quick eh?


I’ll give a shot at an answer:

I think I really could use to rub shoulders with other developers of my experience level or better from other companies. I’m not talking about chatting for a few minutes at a meetup so much, but maybe having an in-depth chat over coffee, or collaborating on some code that’s not specifically for my own company or clients. I need to get introduced to new ideas and see for myself how other people are approaching things. Rub shoulders, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, chop wood together, whatever…

Somehow my answer seems unsatisfactory… but I posted something at least. Maybe I’ll come back and add to it. Anyone else got an ‘unsatisfying’ / imperfect answer they’re willing to contribute? :wink:



I had the chance to work with a dozen of companies in town when I was at Brewhouse. I was blown away to see how everybody was running into the same issues: low morale, low productivity, high bug rate, etc. Now, all those things were quite “normal” but you would often believe that the grass was greener on the other side. Once in a while though, I would see a team who would solve one of these problems in a very elegant way. And I would mention that to the next team I would work with. I was basically doing pollination. And I would love this forum to be a place to cross pollinate.

I want to learn from everyone experiences, get help when I’m facing a wall and help others to do fantastic things!



I personally think juniors developers in tech could hugely benefit from real mentorship. It’s possible I’m just not aware of it, but I very rarely meet anyone who says they have a intermediate or senior mentor guiding them :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

My two cents.

Update: Ideally developers have mentorship from someone more experienced even past early career. It’s definitely more important in the beginning though.